‘(Sykes) has no commercial equipment and relies on his creativity and his love of combining locally sourced food with international flavours, all with a County twist.’

The Wellington Times

The Marans opened it’s doors in 2019 at 222 Main St. It is owned by Chef Guerin Sykes and Jessica Sykes. At only 20 seats and 650 sq ft, it was a BIG restaurant tucked into a tiny space. It did not take long to realize that The Marans was going to outgrow the cozy space next to the Regent Theatre. In January of 2021, The Marans began construction on a larger space, just up the road, at 165 Main St. On July 1st, The Marans opened it’s doors once again, in it’s new home. It is a restaurant that serves Internationally inspired dishes, prepared with local flare, using fresh local ingredients.